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Strasbourg Walking Tour

France France
Длительность: 2.00 Часов
Размер 1 - 10 людей
От France
Объем тура: 10
До France
Языки: French, English
Транспорт: Bus Walking
The tour will show you the culture, history, and interesting stories of Strasbourg, but it can be customized based on your interest.

It's free and insightful! The cost is simply a friendship. Anyhow, I won't say no to treats or tips. ;)


My trip includes a private and unique experience with a personal photographer: a photo shooting for couples, families and small groups who are travelling to Strasbourg. I offer an authentic and unique journey into Strasbourg life that guests will remember forever.

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Важная информация
  • Photo shooting.
  • Professional guide in English, Italian.
  • Meals - drinks - transportation.
  • Tips based on your satisfaction.
  • For cancellation, please inform 2 days before otherwise half price is paid.

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